Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack provides an opportunity to process the data fast and to make it available for further analysis. With the Elastic Stäck the data processing can be designed ad scalabale, highly available and in real time.

Become familiar in our courses with the ways how to build Elastic Stack and thus to retrieve the desired information much faster as well as how to use advances search and analytics methods.


Machine Learning

Discover how data can be processed with machine learning approaches. Get to know methods and technologies to retrieve new insights into your data. 

In our courses we show based on the technologies such as Tensorflow or scikit-learn how you can apply machine learning methods and get the most out of your digital data.


Language Processing

Get to know the methods of processing natural language in order to extract relevant information, to categorise data and to meaningfully enrich this. 

Discover in our courses, which methods exist in the area of Natural Language Processing and how are they applied in order to implement an automated processing and content analysis of speech and text. 


USE Training process

With our USE-Philosophy, we place your values into the focus,  strengthen your ability to act towards a solution that you can independently run, use and extend.

Therefore the focus in our courses is to provide practice-oriented knowledge for your use case.

We involve you in the selection of focus areas, work with examples from your use case and focus on the content which us relevant for your goals and requirements.


We speak beforehand about goals, thematic focus and your possible use cases.


Throughout the course we put your use cases into the focus and adjust the topics based on your goals and requirements. We design the exercises fitting for your use cases.


We provide practical knowledge with many examples and exercises. During the course there is enough room for discussions and questions.