ROXconnector API-Server

Provide your API-endpoints fast and flexible

ROXconnector is a lean and flexible API-Server written in Node.js that allows you to define its endpoints via its configuration file and is extensible via plugins. ROXconnector can be easily extended with plugins. The definition of endpoints is done through the configuration file, not the code.


REST is an architectural approach for communication in distributed systems. RESTful API is a programming interface that uses HTTP-requests to access data. With ROXconnector you can define the API-endpoints entirely through a configuration file.

  • ROXconnector is an agent and forwards requests to the backend services.
  • Those services can then accessed via HTTP-request or can be started as a subprocess 
  • In addition, the RPOXconnector can be extended with further functionalities through Javascript-Plugins.
  • The central configuration file is a JSON document containing following three sections:
    • SYSTEM for server configuration
    • REST for endpoints configuration ('GET', 'POST' etc.) 
    • PLUGINS for configuration of extensions

Further information about ROXconnector can be found in our blog posts.



  • Simple setup: ROXconnector is ready to use within a couple of minutes
  • Integration of other services: REST-calls to other services can be allocated via HTTP
  • Expandability: new functionalities can be added to the endpoints with own Node Plugins - access to own code is possible through the API server itself
  • REST-setup via configuration - definition of the entire API via a single JSON file - a simple restart is enough to take over the changes


  • Delivers RESTful APIs fast and flexible
  • Fast delivery of changes
  • Lightweight solution for the creation of RESTful APIs
  • More control over the endpoints in comparison to automatically generated APIs
  • Easy migration by accessing existing backend services with minimum effort 
  • Flexible extensibility using integrated plugin-port


Markus Baumgärtner

Contact Person

Are you interested in ROXconnector or have questions? Please feel free to contact me!

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