ROXcomposer Microservice Framework

Stress free orchestration of your microservices

ROXcomposer is a development framework and infrastructure solution for microservices. It aims to decisively simplify the development and usage of microservice architectures. With the possibilities of orchestrating and scaling every single microservice, the user can flexibly decide upon his infrastructure. 


Microservices are a modern approach in software architecture. They provide long-term better scalability and maintainability, though have barriers for beginners who start using microservices.

ROXcomposer is a development framework and infrastructure solution that aims to decisively simplify the development and usage of microservice architectures.

  • At the forefront there is a communication protocol that allows a highly flexible routing between services and is supported by any programming language
  • A provided Python-package contains a service base class with various interface functions. Those are used to implement own services.
  • The message transportation, logging and configuration functions as well as a message tracing are already provided within the service base class.
  • During the implementation of own services a developer can entirely focus on the logic.
  • Created services can be connected through pipelines.
  • ROXcomposer message protocoll already contains all informations about pipelines and data payload. 
  • API gateway allows the automated transportation of the available information through a REST-API. 

Further information about ROXcomposer can be found in our blog posts.


  • Takeover of the communication between services
  • Integrated logging and monitoring functionality
  • Flexibility in connection to a central logging and monitoring solution
  • Administration of services using the ROXconnector API-Server.
  • Overview and control of services in distributed systems and cloud infrastructures


  • Minimal effort on setup in comparison to the own development
  • Cheap proof-of-concept through 100% focus on the business logic
  • Solving complexity without losing control
  • No additional effort for logging and monitoring functionality
  • Easy integration into existing environments


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