Rocket Search

More sales through your website's intelligent search

Rocket Search enables the comfort of conventional search engines for your own website.

It supports users to find what they’re looking for. Even though the request was not perfect. This decreases insufficient queries by up to 90%. Rocket Search improves itself by learning from users behavior.

The Rocket Search API can be easily integrated into existing environments. The Rocket Search Dashboard offers the analysis of users behavior and allows the adaptation to corporate strategies.


How it works

Time savings in daily routines and assured success with targeted audience thanks to intelligent search engine.

Within a few days you receive an intelligent search engine for your website which

  • intuitively supports the user with the request
  • immediately provides better search results
  • learns from the user’s behaviour in order to improve itself

Rocket Search decreases insufficient queries by up to 90% by presenting matching hits to users, even though the request wasn't ideal.

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  • Learn from user behavior: the analysis of the search behavior increases insights in the users' needs and allows to respond to them
  • Control of the results: search results can be adjusted to the users’ needs and your business strategy
  • Easy integration: simple way to integrate in the existing infrastructure as a stand-alone API
  • More insights: evaluate the users’ search behavior with analytics dashboard
  • Satisfied users: easily find what you are looking for through intuitive input support
  • Better conversion rate: a positive search experience increases the chance to convert a user to a customer up to 30%

Easy Start

Rocket Search API can be easily interposed between your data and website as an independent component. Data will be bound to API for usage within the search only. Further data usage within the website remains unaffected.


Search requests on the website will no longer directly be addressed to the data. Instead, the lightweight Rocket Search API will take over.


Usually only a few small code-sequences must be integrated into the website. Not only every agency but every company can easily implement that.


Rocket Search Dashboard analyses the search behaviour of your users and communicates exclusively with the Rocket Search API. It never comes into contact with your website and data.


Ready in  only 3 steps


Rocket Search Process gives you the smooth start with the improved search functionality. Within 3 steps we develop the fitting solution for every use case. After 7 days, an optimized version of Rocket Search is available for integration into your website.

1 | Initial Assessment


We assess the current state of your search function relating to:

  • Database
  • Usability
  • Quality of results
  • Analytical capability

2 | Conception


Together we develop a strategy with the following goals:

  • Quality optimization
  • Operability maximization
  • Analysis initialization

3 | Delivery


We prepare a customized package for you including:

  • Linkage of your data
  • Configuration screen
  • Analysis dashboard


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