Software Tools

Rocket Search offers the comfort of conventional search engines on your own website. It supports users to find what they’re looking for. Even though the request was not perfect. This decreases insufficient queries by up to 90%. Rocket Search improves itself by learning from users behavior.


Microservice Framework

ROXcomposer is a development framework and infrastructure solution for microservices. It aims to decisively simplify the development and usage of microservice architectures.

With the possibilities and of orchestrating and scaling all single microservices, the user can flexibly decide upon his infrastructure. 



ROXconnector is a lean and flexible API-Server written in Node.js. It allows you to define its endpoints via its configuration file and can easily be extended with plugins.

Through the configuration based endpoints any self-written code becomes obsolete.



With our USE-Philosophy, we place your values into the focus,  strengthen your ability to act towards a solution that you can independently run, use and extend.

With our tools we simplify approaches in data processing  and design solutions that you can run, use and expand independently.