Software Development

Rapid Data Exploration

With our explorative approach we enable you to get a new perspective on your data within the shortest time.

Our approach:

  • Analysis of your data sample using our intelligent processing pipeline
  • Visualisation of results in a dashboard
  • Design-Thinking Workshop to develop new Ideas 

Take the opportunity to gain new insights from your data and to discover new use cases.



Rapid Prototyping

This approach allows you to investigate and examine the requirements and feasibility for you specific use case.

Our approach:

  • Workshop to define the requirements and general concept
  • Fast and reduced to the bare essentials implementation 
  • Final evaluation workshop

Take the opportunity to rapidly evaluate the feasibility of your desired solution and to receive the realistic timescale for further implementation.




We develop production-ready solutions based on the DevOps model.

Our approach: 

  • professional IT-Management
  • Development in short iterations with fast feedback loops
  • Modular work packages that are separately available 
  • Delivery including tests and documentation

Our thematic focus includes microservices, API-Development, Infrastructure Smart Search, Data Analytics and Machine Learning.



With our USE-Philosophy, we place your values into the focus,  strengthen your ability to act towards a solution that you can independently run, use and extend.

In the software development we place understanding of the requirements and goals for the planned implementation in the foreground.