droxIT at OpenRheinMain 2019

Last Friday our CEO, Dr. Oxana Lapteva, gave a talk about #DataScience and #microservices at the OpenRheinMain conference in Darmstadt.
Microservices are one of the modern concepts for IT architectures. On the long term, they provide better scalability and maintainability, at the same time having a high complexity at the entry-level. This also applies to the areas of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
In the field of Data Science, microservices are well suited for creating flexible analysis pipelines and benchmarking different algorithms. In addition, one can offer ready-made services as a software toolkit. This leads to a resource consumption oriented towards suiting actual needs.

In her talk, Dr. Oxana Lapteva has illustrated the way how to build a data analysis stack using a microservice architecture. She presented the collections of ideas and experiences gained during the implementation of the architecture, pipeline management, communication between services, infrastructure for data transport, logging and monitoring as well as the orchestration of the deployment. #microservices #DataScience #RockYouData https://openrheinmain.org/