2nd Digital Congress Madkon

This year’s digital congress Madkon 2019 started with an interesting opening talk between minister of education Stefanie Hubig (Ministry of Education), Head of Economics Department Manuela Matz, state secretary Denis Alt (Ministry of Science, Advanced Training and Culture), state secretary Daniela Schmitt (Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture) and Matthias Memmesheimer (Head of IT Klub and Managing Director of sapite GmbH).

Manuela Matz used an example to show the huge backlog in the field of digitalisation in education. If you compare a modern-day classroom and a car with their predecessors of the past it becomes obvious: while the car has developed enormously, the classroom nearly hasn’t changed at all. Teaching methods and facilities basically stayed the same throughout all these decades.

But business and therefore the requirements for employees have altered as much as the car. Digitalization has become an integral part and it's about time that digital expertise is already enhanced in childhood. Simultaneously, the digital skills of current employees must be improved and expanded. Not only politics is on duty to make a change. Companies must actively support and train their employees with further education offers. As IT-company it is indispensable for us to constantly train and expand the digital know-how of our team. We generally welcome every desire for training and are happy to support our employees.

In the end, all talkers agree that former actions are important steps in the right direction, but it is still a long way to go. Therefore, events like Madkon are valuable to increase the exchange between politics and economy in order to find further solutions.

We support the engagement of IT Klub Mainz & Rheinhessen e.V. and are excited to be part of the #digitalcrew.

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