The simple and stress-free way to flexible data processing and analytics

As a software solutions provider, we support and guide our clients towards a simple and stress-free extraction of valuable information hidden in data. We give them tools and solutions that facilitate intelligent and efficient data processing. 



  • Hackathon at JOTB2019:
  • Hackathon at JOTB2019
  • droxIT at „Gutenberg Digital Hub goes live“!
  • Hackathon at JOTB2019:

    Hackathon at JOTB2019: "And the winner is ..."

    It was a great experience for us to host this year a hackathon at the J on the Beach conference in Marbella. We would like to thank all the participants and organizing team to make this event unforgetable. After one day of hackathon we present the nomination results...

  • Hackathon at JOTB2019

    Hackathon at JOTB2019

    We are very excited to organize and run the hackathon at J On The Beach 2019 conference. Join us in an awesome event on May 15th in Marbella (Spain)!

    During the hackathon you will be combining microservices and data analytics and build a distributed data science solution in just one day.

  • "Microservices for Data Science" at Frankfurter Entwicklertag

    At the Frankfurter Entwicklertag this year we talked about Microservices for Data Science and were delighted with the interest, questions and discussions.

  • "Data Science und Microservices" at Frankfurter Entwicklertag

    droxIT speaks at the Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2019 about the subject "Data Science und Microservices - architectural decisions on the way to the flexible and fast Data Analytics" 

    #rockyourdata #datascience #microservices

  • droxIT at „Gutenberg Digital Hub goes live“!

    droxIT at „Gutenberg Digital Hub goes live“!

    droxIT at "Gutenberg Digital Hub goes live" - great event last Friday with interesting talks and inspiring discussions. #gutenbergdigitalhub #gdhgoeslive #DataScience #MachineLearning #rockyourdata @HubGutenberg @mainz_de


Our products provide different approaches to deal with one question: "How can I achieve the stage of simple and stress-free processing of my data?" Get to know our tools, development and consulting processes as well as our training opportunities. 



With our USE-Philosophy, we focus on your gain and strengthening your ability to run, use and extend your solution independently.



Our aim is to set new standards in the area of data processing. We follow the goal of making the efficient and universal data processing accessible to everyone. Learn more about the droxIT team and it's philosophy.
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